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Ready, Willing & Able - Demo Ver.

A Geno Drive side story starring Able Armsbruster, a new recruit into the resistance group SURGE. A former member of  GARUDA's clone labor force, Able seeks to free his comrades from the empire's iron grip. But even for an advanced prototype, getting there will be a long and difficult road. Fortunately for Able, he's a bit too naive to realize what he's getting himself into. At least so far...

What is Geno Drive?

Geno Drive is a webcomic following the adventures of a small group of rebels as they struggle to liberate their world from a totalitarian empire. Together, they'll face innumerable foes, impossible odds, and their own personal struggles.

What is this game?

Ready, Willing and Able is a short visual novel side story set in the world of my webcomic Geno Drive. So far, all I've done is a quick pre-pre-pre-alpha build for Eevee's Games Made Quick 1 1/2 Game Jam. Just about everything here is essentially a placeholder save for the writing, which was provided by my good friend Digolgrin at DeviantArt! (I've also done some concept work for his stuff too.)

Game Credits

Characters, Settings, and "Art" and Programming by DPetersen, aka Hartseeker. (http://spikehartseeker.deviant...) (https://www.furaffinity.net/us...)

Story and Writing by Digolgrin (http://digolgrin.deviantart.co...) (https://www.furaffinity.net/us...)

Done for Games Made Quick 1 1/2 by Eevee

Made with RenPy Ver.


ReadyJam-1.0-pc.zip 29 MB
ReadyJam-1.0-mac.zip 14 MB


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hey dude just playe the demo nice work. i really like games that make u think and this made me think about issues current society has been going thru. good luck cant wait to see the finished version :D

Thanks! That's great to hear, that's exactly the kind of thing I'm going for with Geno Drive as a whole. I'm sure my friend Digolgrin will be estatic since he's doing the writing and dialogue for this VN.